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 An action-adventure game built in Unity 

Gamers can play as a sword-hacking apprentice who fights corrupted spirits in order to save a cursed village.

Players need to use their spirit sword to purify spirit-haunting Shrines in time around the map before those spots become cursed forever.

I worked on the team as a level designer Scene designer, and Web designer.

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Spirit Photographer 2020

A Point and Click Style Visual Novel-based game to investigate items to obtain a clue. 

Collaborated with 4 peers to design a Ghost Puzzle game by using Unity.

I worked on the team as a level designer and Item interaction programmer.

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Ultra Alien Escape 2019


A Mario-Like Platform game created by using Construct 3.

During the gameplay of Ultra Alien Escape, players can collect 3 kinds of power-ups which include a bullet, a shield, and a rocket boost. More details can be found on the playable link.

Work with 2 peers. I am the level designer and Sprite/start Menu Artist on the team.

Play it now 

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GIF 2022-10-20 0-23-22.gif

Labyrinth Escape 2019

A sample maze game was created in Unity with 2 peers.

Players can Jump, move, and interact with items, and they need to find the keys in the maze to unlock the corresponding door to reach the next level.

I worked on the team as a level designer, Puzzel creator, and Camera/player movement/Animation programmer.


Phasmophobia Board Game 2019

A board game version of Phasmophobia.

Players will work together to explore a haunted building and identify what type of ghost is occupying it. There are 10 different ghosts and each has unique identifying elements that set it apart. Players will need to gather 3 pieces of evidence that will help correctly identify what type of ghost they are dealing with.

Work with 5 peers. Done part of the design of the game, including the system loop, and rule creation. I am also the Game board/item Art designer

Watch it now 

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Gameboard version 3.png

The UFO Adventure 2019

A Link-Based Game made in Twine.

This game is about an adventure that the protagonist witnesses a UFO in his backfield and saves an alien in UFO. The alien tells the protagonist the truth about the earth, and universe, and this leads to three different endings in the story. In this game, the alien comes from the four-dimensional universe, it can create any three-dimensional item or lives.

A solo project, all works are done by me in five days, including the design and conceiving.

Play it now 

GIF 2022-10-20 1-24-02.gif

Rocket Patrol Remake2019

A sample game built in JavaScript and the Phaser game framework.

An upgrade version of the Original Rocket Patrol for APF MP-1000 videogame system (1978)

  • Create new artwork for all of the in-game assets (rocket, spaceships, explosion) 

  • Create a new scrolling tile sprite for the background 

  • Track a high score that persists across scenes and display it in the UI 

  • Implement mouse control for player movement and mouse click to fire

  • Create a new title screen (e.g., new artwork, typography, layout) 

  • Implement the speed increase that happens after 30 seconds in the original game 

  • Create a new animated sprite for the Spaceship enemies 

  • Create a new spaceship type (w/ new artwork) that's smaller, moves faster, and is worth more points

  • Display the time remaining (in seconds) on the screen

A solo project, all works are done by me in three days

Play it now


Gravity Swap 2018

A horizontal-scrolling game built by using CrispGameLib, written in JavaScript. 

Players can use the spacebar to control the spaceship. The spaceship will automatically move upward since the lack of gravity, players need to hold the spacebar to change the gravity to let the spaceship move downward. 

A solo project, all works are done by me in two days

Play it now(Chrome ain't work)


Gravity Well 2018


A horizontal-scrolling game built by using CrispGameLib, written in JavaScript. 

An upgrade version of Gravity Swap. Players can use the spacebar to control the spaceship. Based on my Gravity Swap, we add up obstacle field generation and power-up mechanics to the game.

Work with another partner, and done in one day. 

Play it now (Chrome ain't work)

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